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    Barber Banter Blog

    Hi and welcome to the Barber Banter Blog. This site is a spin off  of the “Barber Banter” Facebook Group,… Keep Reading


Dave Diggs – Clipper cut fade like Odell Beckham Barbering class

Great clipper cutting class! Learn about low fade, medium fade, high fade, hair cutting tools, electrical clippers, clipper-over-comb technique, and how to open the clipper side lever to add length to clipper attachments. Learn about detachable blades and their sizes. Any time you are going to fade or blend you are going to use 3… Keep Reading


The Lions Barber Collective

  When Tom Chapman’s close friend died from suicide earlier this year, he was left in shock. The barber had caught up with his friend Alex Goddard earlier that week and the 27-year-old seemed fine. Days later, Goddard was gone. Chapman, who is from Torquay, has since launched The Lions Barber Collective and BarberTalk to encourage men to open up about… Keep Reading

Barber Kit

My Barber Kit – Steve Wigg @ Razors Leicestershire

First off, can you tell the readers a bit about yourself? My name is Steve Wigg and been a barber for over 30 years now. I started Razors Barber Shop in Syston Leicestershire 21 years ago and this keeps me very busy. I’ve been married to Felicity for over 20 years and have two grown-up… Keep Reading

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